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Fancy Yellow Diamond


Yellow diamonds are a variety of colored diamonds. Many people are unaware that the precious stone, a woman’s best friend, actually comes in many different colors and are not just colorless. Yellow diamonds are just one of the many types of colored diamonds. Interestingly enough, diamonds found at the very bottom of the colorless color grading scale contain traces of yellow, and are the “bottom” diamonds in the yellow diamond category due to their faint color, as opposed to the more desirable intense yellow stones.  The colorless grading scale goes from D-Z, and the yellow diamond color grading scale begins with the Y-Z range. It then goes all the way to the Fancy Deep/Dark Yellow grade..

Are yellow diamonds real?

    • Like other natural fancy colored diamonds, the colors are a result of the compound element within the structure of the stone. The stones with a stronger yellow hue are often the result of more Nitrogen in the mix. They are 100% real, and absolutely beautiful!

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